Good morning Oppo! Here’s another unofficial QOTD to start off your morning! I’ve watched the absolutely awful Dodge Demon commercial while getting dressed this morning. There’s so much CGI (and a CGI animal-demon-thing at that) that it was pointless to ever film such a thing. Like, this is part of the reason FCA is bleeding cash like a shot to an artery.

Anyway, that got me to think, have I ever seen a worse commercial than this? The answer is, OH YEAH.

Meet the series of commercials GM billed as “You Need a Truck”. My favourite and the most horrendous, is the “Focus Group” commercial. The ad attempts to imply that you need to buy a truck because it makes you look attractive and successful...and thus you’ll get ALL THE WOMEN. Clearly, if you buy a Toyota you have small family jewels or something...Did they even realize the shallow, superficial narrative they were trying to push?


I mean come on, kids too?

Have you found something worse? Post it here! :)