I just finished watching the Top Gear Special "The Worst Car In The History Of The World". The basic premise of the special is not necessarily to find the outright crappiest car ever built, but to find a terrible car from a manufacture who is known for building great automobiles. An example would be Ferrari building the Mondail or F50. Both terrible cars in comparison to the other things they built. A non-example would be the Toyota Corolla; boring yes, but still a good, reliable car.

In the end, Clarkson and May settled on the Lexus SC430 as the worst car ever built, for a number of reasons. I however, disagree. I feel as though there have been a few worse examples over the years.

I nominate the 3rd gen Honda Vigor/Acura Vigor as the worst vehicle ever built. First off, I'm a huge Honda fan. Hell, I'll even defend the 2012 Civic (I owned one). But the Vigor was a HUGE error in judgment on behalf of the Honda Motor Co.

To start, I'm willing to bet that unless you're a die-hard car enthusiast, no one under the age of 30 has even heard of the Acura Vigor. That's because they never sold many here in North America, because the reviews at the time weren't particularly nice to the car. Second, the Vigor was intended to slot in between the Acura Integra, and the Acura Legend. However it was priced more towards the high end, almost on par with the MUCH more powerful Legend. This brings us to its engine; either a 2.0L or 2.5L Inline 5 cylinder. Now many of you are probably saying, "Honda made a straight 5?!" and you're right to do so, because Honda was never able to make the 'ol 5 banger work, so they abandoned it. After the Vigor, it lived on for a few years in the Acura 2.5RL as a "holdover" engine. The 2.0L was good for around 150hp while the 2.5L was good for approximately 185hp. These are some pretty respectable numbers, however many reviews criticized the engine for making a lot of noise, but not really delivering any real power. This could explain why Honda abandoned developing its 5-cylinder engines. Or it could be because they realized they're not Volvo or Audi. Then came the suspension. It was described as too harsh, and unbalanced. Towards the end of the model's run, Honda decided to soften the suspension to give it a comfier ride. But it was too little, too late. It's looks didn't help much either. It looked horribly outdated and too squared off around the corners. Finally, the interior. The Vigor actually had a nice interior. This was really its only redeeming factor, even if there is too much faux wood for my liking.


Now, if anyone actually reads to the end of this post; I have never driven a Vigor. I would love to, but there's so few remaining (especially up here in Canada) that I doubt I'll ever get to drive one. My opinion is based entirely off what I've read, or been told from experience.


Now Oppo, tell me, what do you think is the "Worst Car In The History Of The World"? Remember, it can't be just bad. It has to be from a manufacture that has made some amazing cars, but possessed a lack of better judgment at some point in its career.