The worst kind of car enthusiast is the kind of person who says shit like, “If you haven’t owned one, then you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. Oh, and all the reviews are wrong, this car is actually amazing. Source: I own one”

If you look really closely, you can see a 911 Turbo blending in with the background

Anyway, I made a comment about the 911 Turbo S being a fantastic car, but boring as shit. Subsequently, some guy claiming to own a TT-S replied by calling me an idiot and the car reviewer also an idiot for posting a negative review.

After some confusion, he clarified that he actually owns a Turbo S, which he calls a TT-S despite the striking similarities in spelling to the Audi TT-S. Anyway, his argument was that, because I’ve never driven a Turbo, I couldn’t possibly have an informed opinion on it.

Now, first-hand experience is never a bad thing, but you can absolutely have an informed opinion without it, as long as you’ve done your research. That’s like saying to a Veterenarian, “you’re not a dog, so how could you possibly know anything about dogs?” Nevermind the video in question concluded with the reviewer saying the Turbo was too boring to be considered a supercar thanks to its crap exhaust note and understated interior/exterior styling. Still a fantastic sportscar, and just as fast as any supercar, just boring compared to a 570S or R8.


Now, my “experience” with the Turbo is secondhand, but it’s always the same story: someone joins the Porsche Club and signs up for HPDE with their new 911 Turbo. After the first year, you never see them again. They’re the car equivalent of new gym members with a New Years resolution. They’re decked out in expensive new sneakers, and they inevitably disappear within the first month, never to be seen again.

Occasionally, they do come back, but they ALWAYS have a GT3 instead. Why the unanimous change of heart? The Turbo is too quiet, too heavy, and too prone to understeer. The GT3 may technically be slower without the extra power and AWD, but it’s a way more satisfying and thrilling track car.


But ignoring all that, my original comment simply said the Turbo was boring. One visit to the local Cars & Coffee will corroborate my claim; nobody will give a Turbo a second glance or ask you to rev its engine. But every carspotter will break out the cameras for an R8 or 570S because they’re actually exciting supercars.

This is the only 911 Turbo exciting enough for me to take a picture. The color is called Boardman Blue


But what do I know? I don’t own one.