The worst lie about cars I ever told

I miss the chance to submit my lie, but as this is our corner I will share it here.

So, as some of you know I’m a wagon guy, but what you dont know is I wasn’t always.


Back story: My first car ever was an 03 camry, far from my first choice, I actually begged my parents for an FC RX7, but parents rarely give you want you want, Hispanic parents especially, so instead they gave me what I needed which was 4 wheels of boring. Great car, blah blah, always starts, loads of “the ability to go from point A to B” as my father loved to point out.

Fast forward to 2012, my then girlfriend (now wife) got into and accident totaled her car (some crappy Hyundai), after hearing some of the poor suggestions to replace it with lesser cars I decided to do the “selfless” thing and sell it to her for next to nothing (we were very much in love so I saw it as giving her the best car her dad wouldn’t buy, while also keeping it in the fold since what was hers was soon to be mine and vice a versa). So with that tiny bit of money I put a down payment on my first wagon my famous B5 S4.

Now for the lie; My mom forever felt I had a lead foot, she thought I was going to take this opportunity to buy something fast and reckless, silly her. So when I told her I was getting a boring Audi wagon she was relieved. My reasoning was that it was mainly for the dog, and how the trunk area was more comfortable than the back seat. She ate it up, and I flew out to St. Louis Missouri with her blessing and some more financial support, (moms are the greatest, amiright?)

It wasn’t till a few weeks later when some of her friends came by the house and one of the husbands pointed out what a sweet ride that was, and how fast it was, and how it was basically a sleeper. (I was on my way out of the house, so I missed the exchange but was filled in my sister about the conversation.) She asked for the man who outed me for a comparison to her car (an 07 GS350), and he said “oh it’ll spank the doors of your car.”


For context her GS350 was the fastest car she has ever driven, and was very aware of how quickly it’ll pass 100 without you really noticing.

That evening was fun, I still feel her gaze tearing into me as she asked me to tell her more about my “boring” Audi. She also thought that my dad and sister knew about it, they were just as clueless, and here I thought the exhaust would have been a red flag, but they all probably thought it was a leak.

As you can see, I tried to keep it as low key as possible, not tints, no stickers, like the good lord intended.

I no longer have that wagon, and although my current wagon isn’t as fast as the former, she still doesn’t like to drive with me.

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