Now it may sound strange that the worst thing on my 2007 Volkswagen GTI is the gear selector, but allow me explain myself.

“What about the reliability!? Surely that must be worse!” you may be thinking to yourself but in all honesty, the only time so far that my little GTI has let me down has been down to coil pack failure. Five minutes later and a new one was installed and all was well.

The issue with the selector has nothing to do with the mechanics of it either. It’s a very nice shifter with a moderately notchy feel and a long enough throw to make it fairly hard to miss gears.

I once said that if you want the DSG you are better off with the Audi A3 and if you want the stick you should go for the GTI, and after clocking my fair share of miles in both a DSG A3 and my three-pedal GTI, I stand by that claim.

The real issue was discovered this weekend which was the first time since buying the car that temperatures were well over 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the sun made it’s presence known.


The issue is the fact that on sunny, warm days, the gear selector becomes quite literally the hottest thing I’ve had to touch multiple times.

I say multiple times because when I was little, I was instructed not to touch the trouble light in the garage and my five year old curiosity piqued. Not very long afterward I also attempted to grab the sizzling platter at a restaurant. Both events ended in tears and my little hand contaminating a perfectly good cup of ice water.

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m nit picking. I have very few negative things to say about my Volkswagen GTI, but as the time goes on I’m sure I’ll find some.


While you’re here, what’s something unnecessarily annoying on any car that you’ve encountered? Let me know in the comments below.