Here is where I tell you the thing I like the least of Drivers Ed. It's the driving portion.
I know you must be thinking, Norske why as an enthusiast would you dislike the driving portion. I shall tell you,

One of the reason is the car. It's a newer Dodge Charger 2.7 V6. It's not too bad of a car but I feel like it isn't the right choice for drivers ed. It's massive and has massive blind spots. Driving it's not too bad but it has not communication through anything. It is the most numb thing I've ever driven. The steering feels to be way too light for the size/weight of the car. It also doesn't have a comfortable steering wheel but that is kind of a minor not too bad issue. Also being shoved in the back with 2 guys that are around 6' isn't comfortable for roughly an hour.

Second is the stresses of being told how to drive. I know there's a "proper" way to drive a car and I know how to drive pretty well. But I'm a person who can get frustrated/stressed easily and quickly. So when parallel parking on Saturday morning I did one good park and a bunch of not so good because of not being used to the car. My instructor was getting kinda frustrated with how I was doing things and it got me frustrated because of my shortcomings. So being already frustrated and getting yelled at wasn't making anything easier. Not to mention that it was raining, which wasn't an issue since most paralleling I've done has been at night and some in between two cars. Being used to the Subaru Impreza it was difficult to park the Charger for the first time. Also being used to the more compact wheel of the Subaru affected things. I expect myself to do better the next time we are taken for parallel practice though.

Finally, it's the time at which I have the driving session. I have it every Saturday until around January 24th at 9 AM. After a long week of waking up at around 6:30 AM for school the last thing I want to start my weekend doing is Drivers Ed. Now we had a choice of when our drives were but being one of the youngest in the class, turned 16 in May, I was left none of the slots I wanted during the week. Usually this wouldn't be an issue but because of some personal stuff it bothers me to have it on Saturday mornings. Of course that's why I chose the earliest slot against my true wants. Of course I must deal with this because it's a requirement to get my DJ (Junior Drivers) License in New York. I know that it's only until January but would rather do other stuff with my Saturday mornings. The only good thing is that I've got a couple friends in my group and that makes things a little bit easier. That and I'm closer to getting my license to drive freely.

This is the thing that I don't like about Drivers Ed. I hope you enjoyed reading my complaints about this.