So was staying in a hotel which is outside my budget (5 stars, in the Bavarian Alps), and I found some lovely machines in the dimly-lit parking garage. I proceeded to take some photos with my GS4 camera (which is notoriously terrible in low light situations). Enjoy, I guess...

CLS500 in matte white

I’m not so good with Porches, you can tell me what it is.

Then the centrepiece




A Bentley Continental something (cabrio)

An E46 something (cabrio)


S63 AMG (huge penis car; I want one)

Then there’s my car... A 150hp SEAT Exeo covered in Autobahn bugs. Is humbled by the above, and looks quite out of place


But it kept me safe and let me have a lot of fun (and understeer, seriously it’s like driving a boat) on this bastard:


Not pictured:

-Audi A8L W12

-About 6 Panameras; didn’t want my post to offend anyone so I have omitted the pictures


P.S. Apologies for the terrible descriptions of the vehicles; I may have over-indulged in the nice alcoholic beverages the hotel had on offer.