This video pisses me off. He picks the whats basically the worst model year you could get for this generation then proceeds to basically shit all over it. I never understood the disdain for these. Sure I guess if you got the auto maybe I could see the lack of love for them. How ever if your going to make a video for one how about not picking a shitbox knuckle dragger and then proceed to just shit all over it and the rest of the generation.

Yes this one is a dog. It’s obviously had a hard life, but these were great little cars with spunk! You just sort of maybe have to have the right one? My buddy growing up had an ‘03 gt-s the proper way with the 6MT and a 8200 rpm red line. cause yes that’s how the GT-S was suppose to be spec’d. that got you a smidge (189hp) more horse power and the ability to stay in the lift during shifts. That right there really makes the difference I suppose. I loved that car, the shifter throws were short and precise with a light clutch and the way it rev’s. hot damn that 2zz is something, though I suppose sandbagging with an autotragic might take that love joy away.

How ever why would you pick that and then shit all over it when you could go the other way? The real GT-S handles like a go kart and is visceral to drive. rev’ing to 8200rpm and hitting that limit would unleash a bark and a pop, which was followed by an above lift shift accompanied by the revs screaming back to the top for more! the best part is in every day driving you could break 40mpg while having fun too! I mean really when it comes to FWD sport coupes wtf more do you want?