The worst type of humans in cars

I can’t fathom why anyone brake checks willingly. The danger involved to both parties, let alone anyone else on the road is really not worth the risk; ever. It happened to me a few weeks ago when a lady was in the passing lane; of which I waited a few miles before switching to the right lane and attempting to over take her since she didn’t believe in the “left lane is for passing” law. She then sped up to block me, so I dropped speed and re-entered the passing lane behind her. I assume she was on drugs/not happy with my attempt because she proceeded to try to brake check me 4x+. She brake-checked so hard that the guy behind me almost hit me even though he has a substantial trailing distance. I switched over to two lanes away and just decided to go the 15 under as she wasn’t worth the risk of injury to my car/person.

This guys fate didn’t have as peaceful of an ending:

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