the worst way to end a Not Very Good year :)

I got hit. Pretty badly.

We were on the way to a friend’s place, she was driving behind me. I was watching her car in the mirror as I stopped behind a line of cars and I saw the moment she got hit from behind full force.



I received the full force of two cars. The boot lid is gone. Both original LED tail lights. The central body panel has buckled into the boot. The back of my car is no longer watertight so it’s not exactly driveable anymore. I’m absolutely devastated.

My friend’s Mazda she bought a few weeks ago and was so proud of.


And the CR-V that hit it. Apparently her brakes failed and she couldn’t stop. On the street with the widest runoff area you can get. I think she could and should have safely moved herself off the road instead of into another car but it is what it is.


I’ve never been rear ended before. It had to be in this car. I had barely touched it in weeks. I’ve spend the last month mostly driving my parents’ far newer; far less collectable; insured for far more money cars through some of the worst weather we’ve had all year.

So here’s to a better 2019. 

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