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The wrenching is nigh

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Winter has finally departed the atmosphere above Southeastern Pennsylvania, at least for the duration of this weekend. This can only mean one thing: time to bring out the tools!


My Miata, about which I’ll write more later maybe someday, presently has bad shock absorbers, particularly the rear ones. With the pothole-to-asphalt-surface ratio reaching all-time highs after this past winter, even by Pennsylvania standards, a day doesn’t pass without the car hitting the bump stops for even trivial obstacles like fallen leaves, cross winds, and misdirected verbal abuse. I made an aborted attempt at replacing just the shocks and springs at the tail end of last fall, but found that the car would need additional work, so I postponed it until the next available opportunity lest I tempt the gods of the brown Loctite and end up with an undrivable car. This is my daily driver, after all.

The wrenching manifest contains the following: Koni STR-T shocks, Sport Package springs (the car has standard suspension now), KYB shock boots and bump stops, Mevotech bushings, lower ball joints, and sway bar end links, and dust boots for the upper ball joints. With luck I’ll get it all wrapped up on Sunday in time for St Patrick’s Day celebrations.


Anyone else doing any wrenching this weekend?

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