Long live the Wunderbarge!

The first year of ownership was a dream. This car was completely reliable. But then the second year, and the 130,000 mile mark, brought many thousands of dollars in repairs to a couple sensors, the catalytic converter, and a fuel pump. I just got the news back about the latest issue that sent the Audi off on a flatbed. A few more sensors, to the tune of over $1000. I might be able to stomach that, but while it was in the shop, I asked the trusted mechanic about some squeaking and rattling that had begun to emit from the front. Turns out, I was maybe a few thousand miles from total and catastrophic front suspension failure. The entire front suspension needs rebuilding on both sides, and that will run a minimum of $4000. The car only cost $7000. I love it to death, but at a certain point, enough is enough.

Two years ago, I was lucky enough to get a first car that most kids would dream of. Indeed, it was a dream come true for me. And even now, with all of its problems, I still haven’t grown tired of the old girl. Nothing else in my high school parking lot has quite the same levels of performance, safety, comfort, toys, insane snow ability, handsome styling, and overall classiness that this car did. I can honestly say that I never once walked inside a building without turning around to look at this machine, in all her pizza platter-wheeled glory. It did long road trips, shenanigans, rescued friends from the snow, and I looked for any excuse to get out just so I could spend more time behind the wheel. I don’t give a damn that it’s beige, or automatic, or “FWD based”. As my friends put it best, “That car is very you.”


We will most likely perform the repairs, then sell her and buy something more reliable. If not, she’ll go to auction as-is. I am excited to see what my next car will be, but my time with this beautiful 2001 Audi A8L 4.2 Quattro ended too soon. I’d love to see her go to a good home, so if anybody wants a fantastic highway cruiser and is more knowledgable about German car finickiness than me, I’d happily sell it to an Opponaunt once it’s fixed.


Also, I’ve never referred to my car as a “she” until this post. Funny how that works.