Fellow Motoring Enthusiasts, I have been tasked with an automotive quandary that I am ill prepared to deal with. My father needs to retire his 1999 BMW 328i sedan, manual with sport and luxury packages. As he is now in his 70s, he has decided he does not want to go with another sports sedan or sports car, they are just too hard to get in and out of.

He has decided that he needs a luxury crossover SUV. He has asked me for help.

Now what has been decided is he will go the lightly used route, and based on my experience of milking every last dime out of a CarMax extended warranty, CarMax will likely be the dealer of choice.

My father does not like, as he terms them "Asian Cars," when I remind him that his 1990 Plymouth Laser Turbo was really a Mitsubishi Eclipse, he tells me it was a Plymouth and we move on. This all stems from poor treatment at a Honda Dealer in 1983. So the Acura and Lexus are out. The Volvo is out as he told me he wishes not to join a cult.

So what are we left with? The Audi Q5, BMW X5, Buick Enclave, Cadillac SRX, Lincoln MKX, Ford Edge (Fully Loaded)

So what are his requirements? I'm glad you asked, comfortable, quiet, mild off-road capabilities, roomy without being huge.


Anyone who can chime in with something I didn't think of with or ownership/driving stories of any of the mentioned vehicles will be appreciated.