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Oh, how many times have I heard this one? Someone is panicking because they were told their car was “Unsafe to Drive!” Don’t get me wrong - if your trusted mechanic tells you this, listen up. But if it is a car seller or someone changing your oil, you can probably ignore them.


Recently, a caller told me they were freaking out because an oil change guy had said the car was unsafe. Had he driven the car? No. What did he say was wrong with it? He didn’t specify. Why would you believe someone like that? In Michigan (and many states), oil change places don’t even have mechanics on the premises.

But this topic also often comes up when a brake estimate comes in too high. Threaten to take the car for a second opinion, they will often tell you that you cannot leave since your car is “Unsafe to Drive!” Yeah, that’s a scam.


There’s also the related topic of the mechanic who tells you that your car is not worth fixing, but he/she will buy it from you to save you the trouble. Trust me - it’s related and it’s a scam too.

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