...and it would be really easy to make it happen. All you would need to do is make a custom fiberglass and/or carbon fiber hatch that maintains a higher roofline to the back of the car. You would also need to figure out side windows and a small rear window but I imagine with enough searching you could find stock glass from another make. Why would you want to go through all this hassle? Well the storage in this car is abysmal. The trunk has a decent footprint but is very shallow so you cant fit much in it. Making it a shooting brake would nearly double the storage. I think it could also be done in a why that would looks pretty cool. Unfortunately I lack the photoshop skills to present my vision. Maybe one of the photoshop gurus or illustrators on here would be interested in trying their hand at this?

I would also recommend if you are reshaping the hatch changing the shape of the quarter window boarder to a more squared off hofmeister kink.