The ZL1 is straight SAVAGE

This hobby truly is the best. I have driven some pretty powerful cars, but venturing over 600whp/wtq is something that does not happen too often. The fact that there are car enthusiasts out there that trust me enough with a car like that still baffles me and I have driven quite a few cars north of 600hp now.

The first car I drove in the 600whp range was a Hellcat Charger, then came a Procharged ‘15 mustang GT and then now this. The owner of the Hellcat is actually the owner of this car, so he stole back the crown of fastest car on the channel. The mustang made more HP, but the ZL1 dwarfs it in torque, so it is 100% is the fastest car of the two. The 10 speed shifts lightning quick and the sheer acceleration just blows my mind. You are always in the power, it’s just nuts.

Now, if you want to get technical the 0-60 crown still belongs to the R35 GTR I reviewed about a year and a half ago, but from a roll this car would absolutely decimate it (The GTR was stock).


I honestly think I won’t be beating this anytime soon. God I love the car community!

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