Once upon a time my friend Brady decided he wanted an offroad toy. He then proceeded to try and find the cheapest one he could. This quest landed him with a 1992 Suzuki Sidekick. It may have been beat to shit, with an anemic 1.6L 16-valve engine, unreliable gauges, and a gearshift like stirring a pot of soup, but damn it was good offroad.

Then the Zuke overheated. Then it REALLY overheated. So the head came off, new gaskets were ordered, and all was right with the world.


Unfortunately, the head was cracked and sourcing a new/rebuilt head turned out to be a huge pain.

Brady grew impatient and with his FR-S recently paid off, thoughts of a replacing the Suzuki with something new began to filter in.

And then a yellow Jeep showed up in my driveway.

Specifically it is a 2015 2-door Rubicon with a hard top, soft top, 18k miles, and many toys. Automatic, but I can’t judge him too harshly for that. He is over the moon.


Sadly, this means the Zuke has to go. Here is the ad text. If anyone here is interested I can get you in contact. Nevermind, it sold while I was writing this.

Short story: I’m selling my 1992 4wd Suzuki Sidekick for $500 with a clean title. Comment if interested. Or text 918-[phone number]

Long story: I went to do the head gasket on the Zuke. When I got it torn down, I discovered that the head was cracked and the cam was showing some wear. Finding a new head and cam has been a challenge and I’m over it. I ended up buying a Wrangler yesterday. The head is still off, so you will need to tow the sidekick from my house. All you’ll need to do is source a head and you will have an excellent little offroader. Comes with gasket and seal kit to complete the head job. It also comes with a 70amp alternator, water pump, timing belt, and 5x 32" Destination A/T tires with less than 2000 miles on any of those parts. This isn’t some sketchy deal, I just have no need for the truck and need it out of my drive way before the neighbors get grumpy with me.


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