So as some of you may know, my noble Accord blew a... transmission, which left me car-less for a few months now. I’ve been thinking about a replacement during that time. I haven’t yet told Oppo about what that might be, so I’ve compiled the three cars I’m most likely to get in one easy-to-slice post.

1) Acura TL/CL Type-S (Gen 2)

The Honda V6 is my siren call. If I were to own one again, it would have to be the ultimate J block V6, the J32A2 which is only found in the gen 2 CL/TL Type-S. My dad had one of these, the engine was fucking hypnotic. It sang as you went to pass a semi, and growled when you hit VTEC. 260hp isn’t too bad to start with, especially considering you can bolt on a J37 throttle body and intake manifold to get 35 more horsepower. However, if I were to get a V6 Honda again, no auto. I will only do a manual. Very very few of these cars were fitted with a manual transmission, so it would be difficult to find. I could buy an auto and swap in an MCLA manual transmission, but that’s more than I’m willing to do for a DD.

2) Acura TL (Gen 3)


Like the gen 2 Type-S, but 10 more horsepower and weighs about the same. Also more modern and more plentiful with a manual. I would also love one of these, but again, only with a manual. Also the J37 parts.

3) Lexus GS430 (06-07)


You guys have never ever ever heard of me wanting a GS430. I may have once owned a Honda, but my heart belongs with Toyota. The UZ is my favorite V8, and the 3UZ is... not the best UZ, but it is the coolest (because reasons). For not much money, I could get a RWD V8 luxury sedan, and that kicks ass.

Basically here’s where I stand:

I could spend a little bit and buy a CL/TL-S gen 2.

I could spend more and buy a gen 3 TL.

I could spend the same as the gen 3 TL and finance a GS430.