My ultimate goal with my truck is to run it at least once in the Rally America circuit, specifically STPR because I've been there before and it's here in PA. Now if that were to happen, it would definitely be getting a four wheel drive long travel suspension kit, most likely this one here. Dixon Bros. Ranger 4WD kit. 14" of travel and 4.5" wider track. Basically I'd be building a four wheel drive prerunner, with flared fenders and the like. I'm not sure on the tires I'd run. The other specs would include:

-Auto unless swapped. Most likely swapped if rallying.

-A (by then) lightly modded 3.0 V6, N/A making about 150-200 HP

-If engine swapped, I'd go with the 3.3 V6 stroker from Tom Morana Racing, here. Looking at the complete package. I'd use it because it's based on the same engine I have, a 3.0 Vulcan.

-(By then) LSD rear end with current 4.10:1 gearing unless ratio is changed

-Unknown weight, if needed

-Of course, cage and other req'd mods.

My question is the 4WD. I want to keep it because I'd more than likely still use the truck regularly. But for the race, would I have to leave it off and run a 2 wheel drive class? Or while on stage would I be able to use it in a 4 wheel drive class, and then drive in transit between stages in 2 wheel drive? Of course I'd want to drive transit like that because transfer cases don't like paved roads.


I'm just wondering so while I'm trying to get everything together (read: a very very long time down the road) I can get an idea of what class to pay attention to.

And this is all just thinking for now, if this happens it will be a very long time down the road.

The truck in question: