So, why is this cool:

and this is awful?

They both have massive rear wings and changes to the body, they both have low profile tires and more negative camber than stock, they both have low ride heights and unnecessary stickers.... So why does one make us drool and one make us recoil in horror?

The answer is kind of obvious: Function.

The race car has a singular purpose for every modification: To make it faster around a track. The stanced NSX, on the other hand, tries to copy those mods just to make it look like it could fast on a track.


It’s not limited to stance either, I’m pretty sure that every car culture that’s hated around here has the same problem, they took one or multiple examples of “race car tech” and took it to the visual extreme, well past the functional advantages of the mod.

Stanced; they took negative camber and wide wheels, but not the wide sticky tires with taller sidewalls that require wide wheels and high negative camber.


Donks; they took oversized wheels and low profile tires to the extreme, but lost the handling advantage they can give.


Brodozers; they took the tall ride height of competitive off road trucks, but not the capability.

Ricers; they took the big wings and stickers and body kits, but without the sponsors or any functional aero advantages.


Coal Rollers; they tuned their engines to dump massive amounts of black smoke like a pulling truck, but did it to annoy people instead. (Most diesel pulling trucks dump their exhaust up instead of down).


Art Cars; ... Ok, I guess my theory breaks down here. Maybe the original function was the antenna bobble that helped people find their car in the parking lot?

There are some mods that were functional on other non-race cars, but lost their function when applied as a custom mod. The best examples I can think of are lambo doors and landau tops.

So, lets put that theory to the test. Are there any mods that are cool without the functionality of the original design?