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There are Bad Ideas, and then...

...there are bad ideas that are “free.”

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No one is going to tell me that taking possession of a neat little 80's diesel Kubota is a bad idea, objectively. It’s just that I certainly don’t need another machine to take care of. Nor is our lawn big enough to justify a machine like this (it includes a 60" deck mower) - I can do it in an hour with our riding mower with its 42" deck.

The enticing thing about this machine is that it has a snowblower attachment.*

*the snowblower is in the same garage as the tractor, but no one knows if the two have ever been attached to each other, and my brief online research leads me to believe it will either be easy or prohibitively expensive


But due to circumstances, this fine little orange beast needs a home for this winter, and I just might become caretaker.


- all I have to do is pick it up - which does involve borrowing both the truck and trailer necessary to do so, but I’ve got that lined up

- these are nearly universally praised as a fine mid-sized machine, highly versatile, reliable, and powerful enough for lots of yard work

- tons of accessories can be had, including loaders, backhoes, etc. - if you can find them


- I am sure I would find other uses for this thing on my property, and maybe it could just replace my riding mower, and I’d get a push mower for the tighter spaces.


- I’m going to end up spending money on it. I’d need chains to use in it for snowblowing duties; there’s basically no way the snowblower is going to magically work without needing something. Chains will be 100% necessary because 2wd.


- I think it just barely fits into a door of my shed that I just built, but a) definitely not with the mower deck attached, and b) it would take up 1/2 of my wood storage space, which is half the reason for the shed in the first place.

- THE TIME. Even if I don’t spend a penny on this thing, and I get to use it for anything useful at all (best case scenario), it will take up some of my time just maintaining it, storing it, and you know, tinkering with it. I don’t have extra time.


- The most useful thing it might be able to do - snowblowing - is going to be a bit of a bitch because it’s a diesel and it will be stored out in the cold. Yeah, block heater, battery maintainer, etc. but still. Diesels that don’t get run very often plus cold weather equals... headache. Oh, and it’s not 4WD.

Bottom Line:

I might end up having this thing stored on my property for the winter anyway, so I guess I might as well *try* to make it useful. It has a giant leaf-collecting trailer that maybe I could hook up to it, if I can figure out how it works.

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Edited to add: It’s only “free” because I will be a caretaker of it unless I decide I really do like it, in which case I have no doubt some money will change hands. But yeah... “free” in the short term. 

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