I went for the K&N intake, because it was cheaper on Amazon. Oil catch can and Taylor shorty wires are also going to be arriving soon.

Billet parking lockout arrived, so I can stick that in before my car joins the ranks of lazy LX cars that feel like being carried to work.

I'll be cleaning the throttle body when I install the CAI, and checking the plugs when I install the shorty wires. It's just down to figuring out exactly where to mount the catch can, so I can figure out where to run the tubing.

Covered in pollen again...need to wash it. Looks badass in black though. Starting to get close to 20MPG out of it, so that's good. Fuel pump still whining, but no problem fully topping off the gas tank, so I'm okay, for now at least.

I just need to get a cabin filter and tiny wiper for the rear.

Once I get these things sorted, I do the bushings up front.

Then I save up for wheels/tires and possibly exhaust. Exhaust is the last thing.

Anyone have ideas for where to look for interior buttons? Like, air conditioning buttons...instead of a whole new unit.