There are good people out there: searching for a Miata

As I’m looking for a Miata, I found one that seemed mechanically sound but rusty. So I called some body shops and eventually got referred to the guys at ProSpeed in Chantilly, VA. Spoke the the receptionist and described what I was looking at, wondering how much replacing the rockers on a Miata would be. Got a call back from one of the guys. He had gone on Craigslist, found the one I was looking at by the description of the work I was asking about, and gave me a solid estimate (several times the cost of the car itself). So I called him back and had a good conversation about what to look for, what might be worth repair, and what to just pass on.

Later that day, I get a call back. Said he was talking with another customer and the conversation came up. The other customer said he had a 95 rust free Miata he’d be willing to sell. So he called me up and passed along the customers name and number! We’ll see what becomes of it. I’m looking at a NC tomorrow. But either way, that’s a good dude in the business right there.


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