Dealer rolls back odometer on new car

There be a shit storm brewing

Cliff notes:

  • Girl buys new 2012 car with 15 miles on the odo off the lot.
  • Girl continues to have problems with it.
  • Girl takes it to another dealer for warranty work.
  • Other dealer pulls up carfax, shows that it was totaled 9K miles, and sold at auction.
  • Warranty is voided, since it has been in an accident.
  • She called seller and says she's going to sue, and they hang up on her.
  • Girl is cute.

So apparently the car was owned by an insurance company when it was totaled, so the title was not classified as a salvage. Dealer buys car, fixes it, rolls back the odo, and sells it as new.


Today i went to Tom Bannen Chevrolet to get over 13 things done on my car.. and they gave me a rental and within an hour they were calling saying I NEED to come back now.. turns out my car was purchased feb of 2012 and then it was wrecked and declared totaled August 25th of 2012 and the dealer I bought it from bought it and fixed it and somehow got the milage from 9k to 0 and I bought this car "new" with 15 miles on it.. so they would not do any warrenty work on my car because all my warrenty on my car is voided now and I already called the dealership where I bought it and said I was going to sue and he hung up.. so I called a lawyer today and they will be calling me back.. the dude said I could get the car plus my money I payed for the car and the money I put into this car. Tired of this **** of being screwed over and I will fight this to the end.

Thread on a Sonic forum keeps getting better and better. She keeps posting images of the carfax and the title. The Vortex is involved, and has started posting on the thread. Someone here has chimed in, too.

This image was lost some time after publication.

Update: She posted this, and it makes me think the car was not listed as new. Do these things really list for $11.5K. What kind of purchase was it? It apparently came with a warranty, but was it actually listed as "new?"

"Okay is it the law that they HAVE to tell you that the car was declared totaled and was rebuilt? Because we called the dealership yesterday and they was being an ass and saying in the bill of sale that there cars could be totaled out and could have rebuilt titles and he read that to me. Then he was a smart ass and said ohh and look there is your signature right under it.. I looked and that was hidden in the like 20 pages they gave me in the bill of sale.. they NEVER told me once the car was rebuilt.. I think I can really get them for that also.. I told my lawyer why does my KY title not have it as a rebuilt title and they said that the insurance didint fully report the car as a total loss so even tho it was totaled out the title never was totaled and rebuilt with the car.. there is nothing on file as the car being rebuilt or nothing on file as the car being totaled but only by carfax.. its very confusing but I was told yesterday that I should get a call today from the lawyer and cant wait to get this started.. the guy at the tom bannen dealership said that he thinks they rebuilt it and hoped that a car dealership would not pull a carfax because since the car was not filed as it being totaled out fully it did not record in GMs systems that it was totaled and void all the warrenty. . But the reason he pulled a carfax bc he said when I dropped off my car he noticed my car had 3 different crystal red paint colors and said thats not right and thats when he found out about it.. they thought they could get away with it and sell me the car at $11,500 and he said even tho I paid that its still way to much for my car being a rebuilt car now. But ima try and hurry and get my car into Campbell Chevrolet and get my fog lights fixed before they know my car is totalled out because ill still have to drive this car as im in court with this ******* named George."


Update #3:

There are some internet detectives out there who are questioning the "15 miles" from the title she posted. Seems the car was previously registered in another state, and that's the title she's sharing. All title photos are suspiciously cropped... Maybe she actually bought a car with 9K miles on it, and all the facts are not legit....


Autocheck report:

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