I’ve got room for one project, and only one project. Currently its my ‘81 Celica circle track car thats chillin in my driveway because I have no time for it at the moment. So when this showed up for sale not super far from me, well its a problem.

Yep, an Isuzu VehiCROSS. Its my unicorn and my white whale. I passed on one a few months ago because it was really rusty and garbagey, and I’m STILL mad about it because it was a VehiCROSS. That one was Foxfire Red Mica, which is probably my least favorite VehiCROSS color, the frame was awful, and the transmission didn’t work. Ran mint though.


This one is a 2001, the last year of production, and its Dragon Green Mica, a color I didn’t know existed on the VehiCROSS until just the other day but I like it a lot. Its a subdued color, which is kinda un-VehiCROSS, but it works for me.

Its all there as far as the body panels, which is good because they’re really not easy to find. The mismatched front wheels are legit awful, but I was thinking steelies and BFG ATs anyway. I don’t see any big dents or anything in the few pictures provided.


And the interior looks pretty clean! The truck allegedly has 149k miles on it, which isn’t bad for something thats basically a Trooper styled like a UFO. There’s another one for sale locally with 320k on it, so that’s cool.

The main issues are a) it doesn’t run, and b) its not exactly local, since its in New Hampshire. I’d have to get it towed here, which is fine, because they’re only asking $500 for it.


At this moment, I’m leaning towards selling the Celica and acquiring the Isuzu.  It’ll function as a third car, and its a god damn VehiCross.  I just want a VehiCross so, so much.

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