So I was waiting in the lounge, at the Madrid airport for my flight to Málaga when I see this attractive girl, looking at me. I went to her, introduced myself. We started talking and we seemed to enjoy each other’s company. She tells me that she’s a dance teacher and that she teaches traditional Spanish dances, mostly to kids. As we keep talking, she invites me to visit her city and watch her and her students in action, I gladly accept as we exchange contacts. We chatted a few times and on Friday she asks me if I could visit her on Sunday. I fly almost 500 miles, from Málaga to Santander thinking that I will have a good time, as she promised me a night out and a visit to her place after the dance representation. After the dancing was over, she came to me, her attitude was a bit cold, we talked a little more and she tells me that inviting me over wasn’t a good idea and that it’s better for me to go back home.


Yeah, I know this posts fits on Jezebel’s subforums, but there’s years since I went there the last time.