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Got these pics from a friend who wanted to check out the house we lived in during senior year of college.

We had heard it was “fixed up” because it was in rough shape 15 years ago, and 10 years ago, and 5 years ago. I drove by and saw the fresh paint on the outside and thought the same thing. My friend walked up though, and it was (of course) unlocked. Inside... it’s the same as ever.


Like, is this an attempt to “fix” a sagging ceiling?!

Even the outline of the dog we had was still on the wall, visible through whatever layer of “gimme the cheapest paint you got” was hastily slapped on the wall. Granted, drawing an outline of a dog on the wall with a Sharpie wasn’t the best thing we could have done. But you would think that after 15 years it would have been long gone. Oh, no.


Woof woof. May you rest in peace, Ajax the dog.

This was the outside in 2004. It’s hard to see, but the paint is peeling absolutely everywhere, and was probably lead paint. It looks best from 50' away. Neat old house, though. I’m glad it hasn’t been leveled. 


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