Now most of you are responsible knowledgeable vehicle owners, but do you really condition your leather seats? I mean think of how much it will be to replace them... or at best think of the next owner. Or in my case, think of the next generation that must sell your unused vehicles. The above picture is the PASSENGER seat. How is the driver’s seat in better shape? Your guess is as good as mine. Does this seat look familiar? Any guess to the make and model? Drum roll...

Yes, that’s right. It is a 2001 GMC Yukon Denali. It should be nice. But it really isn’t. It should be worth a decent amount of money. It isn’t. It needs paint, leather seats (plural), and tires. It only has 107,000 miles... The only plus. That and every service is complete. Including the air suspension. Ugh, grandpa, why didn’t you take care of your luxury SUV seats...


I apologize for the graphic images but I figured most of you have seen worse. Those seats are AFTER being cleaned and conditioned. I am no professional but after some elbow grease I have resigned myself to letting the next owner deal with them.

If I was the next owner I’d start looking for some used wheels/tires and a used interior. The tires are all cracked from sitting in the scorching summer sun for the last three years. The paint is going to be expensive. I’ve owned several vehicles with leather interiors. This is by far the worst I’ve had the honor of cleaning up. Why doesn’t anyone clean and condition their leather interior?


My theory: Leather doesn’t become obviously dirty like cloth, no one remembers or no one cares to spend the time cleaning something not obviously dirty. I mean when the vehicle starts to become obviously dirty the leather seats never look that bad until it is too late. Once the leather dries up, you better start shopping for a professional. I’ve seen articles about people putting life back into some seats but I’m skeptical about how quality the leather must be before that really works well. In this Yukon’s case, a used interior is probably the cheapest route.

On a side note: Go look at your seat belt buckles. Who seriously thinks to clean their seat belt buckle? These were FILTHY.