eBay is an annoying place sometimes. Mostly recently, it’s because they made a change to the iPad app that has made my style of browsing basically impossible: you used to be able to go a category, and then when you searched, it would default to searching within that category until you went back to the home page. Now, you go to a category, and you search, and...its searching the entirety of eBay. Then you have to narrow down your search, and the next search you do? Yep, right back to searching the entirety of eBay.

But today, I’m talking about something entirely different on eBay. I’m talking about this:

What’s that, eBay? This aluminum 5 speed manual knob will fit my 2003 Crown Vic? And these Xenon bulbs are a direct replacement on my Jaguar XJ12 you say? No, it won’t and no, they aren’t. The shitty black knob won’t fit, the one above it won’t fit, the thousands of light bulbs that show up won’t fit. None of this shit fits.

I know what they mean. They mean it’s a ‘universal’ or generic part, it doesn’t have a specific make attached to it. And that’s fine. But sometimes I just want to see what new parts were listed for Jaguar XJ12s without seeing a metric shit ton of xenon lights that don’t Fits: 1984 Jaguar XJ12.


Am I missing something? Is there a box I can tick that says “don’t show useless garbage that you don’t want”? If I’m searching for something in particular, it works fine, but I’m not always shopping for something on eBay, more often I’m browsing. And this shit is killing my browsing enjoyment.

Also, on a related note, I might be buying a 2003 Crown Vic P71 tomorrow...stay tuned for updates!