On Sunday, I picked up my new "project".

It's another 1981 Toyota Celica GT. This one is "running" a 22R with a beefy 292 cam and 44mm Mikunis.

Pretty similar to Grimace's 20/22R motor (which has a 272 cam and a ported & polished 20R head). Unfortunately, it's not running at the moment. There's something going on with it, so Grimace will be donating it's heart to Aces. Why am I calling it Aces? Toyota stamps a number into the upper core support, I have no idea what it's for as it doesn't correspond to any of the other numbers on the car. But this is the one on this car:


01111. So I'm gonna use that as the reasoning for her name, Aces.

She's already on coilovers up front, AE86 springs with AGX adjustable shocks out back, W58 transmission, & 14x7 -0 offset Konig Rewinds. I'll be reusing the carbs (they're in better shape than Grimace's), and header. I really like how it sits right now, even though there isn't a ton of clearance on the bottom of the header. PO said it handled very well before the motor acted up, and I can't wait to get it back on the road. That won't be happening for a few weeks though.