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Jaguar Land Rover boss Dr Ralf Speth has now admitted for the first time that the basic design and engineering work is now settled enough for him to have tried the new Defender. “I have driven test mules already,” he said, “and also tried the car against competitors, in on- and off-road environments. It’s sensational.” Speth indicated that the Defender will share components with other Land Rovers in a bid to cut costs - and that this will extend to being built alongside other cars. “We’re already doing this now,” he said. “We used the modular architecture and elements of our chassis for weight reduction to make the new Discovery a better-handling car. We will do so also in the future because we always learn.” When asked if the Defender would go down the production line with other models, he replied, “Yes, you can assume that.”

So there is hope, at least that is what I am telling myself because hell if the Cubbies can win the World Series it seems anything is possible. I’m guess the new one will be like the FJ is to the Land Cruiser, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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