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There Is Something "Fishy" Going On With James Bond's New DB10

I'm sure only a few of you noticed Patrick George and Jason Torchinsky's recent attempts at drilling every known photo and fact about the new Aston Martin DB10 into all of your heads, but if you actually have somehow managed to come across one of their articles, you'll probably want to read this, too.

What you will need to know:

  • Spectre may actually be SPECTRE, I'll explain
  • SPECTRE is the 24th James Bond film, currently in production
  • SPECTRE is pronounced [spek-ter]
  • Sam Mendes is the director of SPECTRE
  • An acronym as a title can be confusing, I'll explain
  • Have you heard that James Bond will drive an all new DB10?

Considering my pitch for posting permissions on Oppositelock (thanks, BTW) was based around my encyclopedic knowledge of everything James Bond (and my ability to use Google for the rest), it has been an exciting couple of months for me. Most notable was that one time I accurately predicted that Aston Martin would unveil their DB10 in SPECTRE. I'm under the impression the title of the film is SPECTRE, not Spectre, as SPECTRE from the earlier films (all hail the era and reign of Sir Sean Connery) was actually an acronym for SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion. The organization vanished from the films after 1971 due to a few creative claims lawsuits between writers that spanned over four decades. The Bond production crew couldn't use the organization or their main baddie, Blofeld, anymore. That's what led to the big open door that Mike Myers eventually shagged into with his Austin Powers parodies of the Bond films. Well Skyfall director Sam Mendes is back, the rights to Blofeld and S.P.E.C.T.R.E. are back, and Aston Martin is back for 2015's SPECTRE, baby. Following below, I'll spell out exactly what makes all this so "fishy":

1. In an article following the horridly boring and awkward press release/conference thingy held on December 4th announced Bond 24 would be SPECTRE and revealed the new DB10 to the World, Sam Mendes went into full obscure teasing mode. You can see the write-up here, but I'm literally about to just highlight the relevant text immediately:

Finally, Mendes also gave us a teasing comment on (one of) Bond's new cars: an Aston Martin DB10.

"I would say that [the new car] it doesn't behave in the way perhaps that even Bond thinks it might".


I guess it is time to break out all of the "OMG GADGETS ARE BACK, WUT" comments, because yes, they're most likely back. And on a brand new Aston Martin. Of course there are no details or possibilities as to what exactly will make the car misbehave via gadgetry. Oh wait, yes there are.

2. Bond veteran Stunt Coordinator Gary Powell, in an extremely casual video interview back in July, made the comment that

"..if Skyfall was Sam Mendes' way of getting his feet wet in the Bond franchise, in [SPECTRE] he's jumping in the deep end."

He said that looking straight into the lens of the camera, almost winking. Gary Powell has met directly with the DB10 design team at the Aston Martin Headquarters multiple times, as confirmed by his Instagram account, and was likely the key figure in helping to design the car for the new Bond film. Now at the moment his comments may just seem like a figure of speech, but when you factor in the next few facts it will seem a little too coincidental.

3. The DB10 concept (is it a concept?), or at least the model unveiled at the SPECTRE press event, oddly doesn't present a hood cutaway line. While that's normal for concept cars, it is not normal on traditional production models (which the DB10 won't have). The bodywork flows in one complete form of metal from the bottom of the windscreen and curves down into the lower fascia, with no cut across the nose of the car or down the side until you reach the front on the door. The car is based on a front-mounted-engine Aston Martin of some sort, so why would there be no traditional access to the engine? It's almost as if they have sealed the entire engine compartment for some reason. The lines suggest it may be sealed to possibly make the bodywork seem convincingly waterproof, perhaps? (I'm not exactly convinced there is a hinge that can lift the entire forward body of the car up. It could be possible, though.)


Pictured: no hood panel!

It has been confirmed that Aston will be providing ten models and/or copies of the car specifically for production of the film. Ten? They only needed seven Aston Martin DBS models in 2008's Quantum of Solace, which featured the car completely ripped to bits in the first three minutes. So why would the new film require even more? Perhaps multiple variations of the car need to be made? For The Spy Who Loved Me, they built an entire other model designed to appear submersible (the car didn't actually transform). Could it be that the car is possibly designed to look seamless sealed... for specific stunt work requested to the design team in one of those meetings between Gary Powell and Aston Martin.... having something to do with them jumping into the deep end? Too bad there isn't any news of any car chases near a body of water featuring in the film...


4. There will be a car chase near the River Tiber in Rome, Italy featuring the Aston Martin DB10:

Rome will host three key action scenes for the new movie, including night-time chases, with one car ending up in the River Tiber, according to Italian news agency ANSA.


To pull it all in, so far we have a comment by Sam Mendes that the car should not be taken at face value, and we can assume it will have some Q-branch equipped gadgetry on board that may even surprise Bond himself. We have a possible play on words by the man who helped design the new DB10 specifically for the stunts of the film. We have a car with a possibly sealed off engine compartment, and we have confirmation that there will be a car chase ending with somebody's ride going for a swim. I'm not saying SPECTRE will be featuring the second coming of the Lotus Esprit submarine from The Spy Who Loved Me, but


5. The opening montage for SPECTRE's press announcement was to Nobody Does It Better by Carly Simon, which was the title song for 1977's Bond flick The Spy Who Loved Me (that's the one with the submarine Lotus):


Keep in mind they brought back Goldfinger's 1965 Aston Martin DB5 (with some minor discrepancies) equipped with all the same old gadgets in 2012's Skyfall, which had an almost identical crew to the one now filming SPECTRE. I'll leave the Skyfall DB5 for another article, seeing as the series rebooted with Casino Royale and Q-branch was only just introduced in the film before Bond set off in a random fifty year old car loaded with machine guns and an ejector seat. It was a little out of place. I fear an underwater DB10 might be, too.

So what do you all think? Am I grasping at martinis or is there some plausible weight to all my speculations? Would you want to see them redo the Lotus submarine with the new Aston? Or would you rather have something a little more original?


For full disclosure, I'm going to go ahead and say it may 'hover' in some type of way, just because I really want to be right about this. The 'it may even surprise James Bond' aspect behind whatever is coming is the interesting bit. Also, Volante DB10.


Justin Westbrook is a 20-year-old General Manager of a Jimmy John's sub shop in North Carolina, and spends his spare time watching James Bond movies, trying to be serious about going to college, and participating in "the internet."

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