I can’t believe that the Kia “Spork-Futility-Vehicle” Sportage came with a standard transmission as well. Just gaze at its unsellability and weep in sympathy of the dealer!


I was scrolling through Craigslist ads when I saw this. Hmm, looks fairly clean for such a low price. Just a normal old spork-futility-vehicle.


Interior looks pretty good too. Nice and early 2000s in there.

Wait, is that a shifter? And three pedals? This exists?


At $3,500 and 76k this seems like a nice price, but who exactly is this for?

I looked over the ad and they devoted two words to explain the deal breaker for the majority of buyers. This is not how to sell this extremely rare but not at all valuable car. In fact, how would you sell this exactly?

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