I’m beginning to re-evaluate some of my search parameters. Namely, I think driving comfort on long trips should be more important than engaging-ness.

Since my biggest use case for this is road trips, I think comfort should be more important. My biggest complaint with my last vehicle (an ‘06 Corolla) was I always got some lower back pain on longer trips. I’m 6'1", with a bit more leg than you’d expect, and I always felt a bit cramped in the foot well. It got worse after I starting using a thin lumbar pillow to try to make up for the stock seat’s poor support in that department. On the 7, 8, 10 hour days, it could really flare up.


This is making me reconsider the Fit especially, but also wonder about Mazda3s. In my brief stint in a Fiata, I felt like I would also be unhappy in there for a long time, though IDK how similar the seat & foot well are between the two.

Obviously the easy solution to this is to go upmarket a little, which I might do, but I want to know if anyone has suggestions for nice cars for bean poles like me (I got only 155 lbs spread over those six feet) to drive for a long day (for, like $5k).

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