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There must be someone evil at apple, also new phone (Rant)

Changed plan to Telcel was given an Iphone 8, and on the second day of usage I’ve slept through an important alarm waking up 2:15 hours late.

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I know it’s my fault, but I realized that the factory volume for the alarm is ridiculously low and, per factory settings, you can’t just raise it using the buttons, you need to go to settings and then raise it. So lets say you’re some sort of dope like me and while you configure your alarms, you raise the volume... great! But it won’t matter; cus you raised the volume for media; not for alerts.

Someone at apple must’ve noticed this, or planned this as some sort of prank, why doesn’t apple just change to have four volume settings like Samsung does? Are they afraid of being more customiziable and predicting. Or is it that more than two volumes ruins their aesthetics?


Also what the fuck is an animoji?

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