Not a car post, just a metaphysical post where I’m probably going to make myself look like a real nutter.

But I am convinced that there is a universal mechanism (God? Universal Physical Law? Who knows?) that is specifically trying to construct the universe in such a way as to set forth a series of predetermined cause-and-effect events that are immutable, and that I am at the very absolute center of it all, but it is possible if not likely that being at the center of it all is not mutually exclusive, i.e., it’s possible one or more or all of us could be caught up in this strange game of timing and coincidence that is in fact not a coincidence but a very deliberate part on the move of the Universe to direct us down a very fixed, predetermined path like chess pieces without any means to intervene ourselves.

Like I have noticed a series of cause-and-effect events that have nicely timed so that one occurs after the other. This is a very nice convenience. But they also have a tendency to shape the entire outcome of the day. As in, these events were timed because the Universe has mandated that the day be set along a specific course.

I have also noticed that there have been an overlap of events such that participation in such events is mutually exclusive - i.e., prior participation in one event means that I have been denied critical participation in another event, and that it is not physically possible to anticipate the overlap of these events and that such physical impossibility of anticipation is built-in as one of the mechanisms the Universe employs to guarantee human interference as being impossible. That the non-participation of these events again doesn’t shape how the succeeding day will occur, but merely guarantees that the succeeding day will occur according to an immutable specific plan that had been laid out prior by the Universe.

It is even possible that if a human were to find a way to interfere, several outcomes may occur: 1.) said human may either die or otherwise cease to exist as a result of interfering in metaphysical mechanisms 2.) a greater part of humanity including possibly all of it may die or cease to exist 3.) existence and time itself may cease to exist. I am under the stern believe of such a conclusion that any interference with such immutable plans must mandate essentially a punishment of immediate death, and that such punishment may not be applied strictly to the offender but could be applied to a literal Universal level.


What this means it that we are all potentially prisoners under a Universe that may arbitrarily reward us or make our lives a living hell, or (more universally) somewhere in between. Since to defy this means an immediate death sentence (or something even potentially worse given our limited metaphysical understanding, but either way such “punishment” is guaranteed to be the end of that individual’s ability to continue to live in a physical sense, guaranteed) it is not only in our own best interests to completely surrender to the plans and mechanisms of the Universe, but it is indeed our only physically possible option. Along such logic any unsuccessful attempt to defy such plans that doesn’t result in immediate termination of life/existence by metaphysical means must be interpreted as acting in accordance to the rigid plans of the Universe.

That should just about cover it.