There was a bit of interest in bicycles a while ago

Let's see if that's still the case. Because I've found a beauty of a bicycle on the internets.

So I'd like to show you something outside the normal bicycles featured on american websites. It's an old Dutch Fongers, on a forum focussed on older bicycles. Dutch bicycle enthusiasts usually only focus on pre-war bicycles in original paint. Those are rare, because Dutch bicycles are usually ridden into the ground. Which can take a while. To the average Dutchman, a bicycle from the 50's is a good bar-cruiser. And it is really not uncommon to find a bicycle from the 50's used as a bar-cruiser with the owner oblivious of the age of said bike.

Via this topic, text loosely translated…

Sometimes, you've got an ordinary bike that's still special. In this case, a Fongers 1957 DSL, of which the frame is a 1955, but was sold in 1957 in grey-green. This type of 'sports bike' was the common bike for Dutch housewives and girls from about 1955 up to 1975. A simple parallel frame with 26" wheels and coaster brake. A dime a dozen.

What makes this specific bike special is its excellent, original condition. Like many Dutch bikes from the mid-50's, the components are of excellent quality: Bayliss bottom bracket, Torpedo front and rear hub, Union sports pedals and Fongers branded parts such as lighting, lock, bell and chain-cover). This bike also has Kronprinz rims, typical for Fongers since 1897. In an attempt to change over from the typical touring bike to a more 'sporty' model Fongers added gold paint to the head tube, 'sporty' looking coat protectors and added sporty graphics to the fenders. It would take another year until the classic lamp-hook was replaced with a more sporty construction. And in 1959 the paint would become much more modern.

In short, pre-war quality in a partly modern wrapper.


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