There was an old woman who swallowed a fly...

It started with wanting to replace a dry-rotted line to the charcoal canister I noticed while replacing a burned out bulb. Then i realized all the vacuum lines were dry rotted and cracked. Then i had to pull the upper plenum to reach to of the lines (thanks Ford!). While i had it off it made sense to replace the old heater hoses that also run under it. With the hose off i have room to replace the leaking valve cover gasket on that side. So i have to order the gasket set...

And i still haven’t finished the vacuum lines because Ford used some weird lines that are different sizes at each end, so i haven’t figured out how to replicate them.


I also want to completely pull the plenum and strip & polish or repaint it, but that is a whole separate hassle to disconnect and remove everything given the amount of rusty hardware.

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