but if you had one of these you were the king of the hill.

It looked exactly like this.

I had one, it rocked. I built massive jumps & absolutely sent it. I have no clue how I did not break it. I kinda “stunted” on it: Tail whips (then landing sideways & eating shit), turning the front ski mid-air with a lean (then landing ski turned eating shit). It was a tough damn sled. Also they do great “wheelies” if you stood on the back of the skis, & leaned all the way back & pulled on the steering wheel.

Then there was tying a long rope through the hole in the front of the frame, then tie the other end behind a snowmobile. My dad did 60-70kph with me on it, blasting me with snow. I built jumps in the back yard so I can hit jumps while my dad towed me at speed. It was fun until being towed in the air it nose dived with me on it, good thing I was wearing bike helmet & ski googles.

Now the same hill I went to growing up, is not as good. Signs saying “no jumps”, how are kids now supposed to have fun. A volunteer now stands guard to enforce that. The hill is short, but steep. When the snow is packed, it’s fast. When it’s ice, it’s suicidal (what steering, lol). Growing up on weekends there was always a line to go down, there still is today.


I miss that little sled. How I did not gets seriously injured on it I have no clue.

Edit: Looking around they still make a king size one, it’s tempting,