All of the big names in the No Prep drag racing game will be coming out for this weekend’s event in Texas.

They were paying $100k for the big tire RWYB class, but there was a lot of pushback from the competitors regarding the pro mods coming to race, like they did at Outlaw Armageddon. Now the organizers have changed the payouts to $60k for Big Tire and $30k for Pro Mods with an extra $10k race between the winners of those classes. They are running a Cash Days for two classes on Friday night, then the big boys start racing on Saturday (1 PM TX time - I think that’s Central). I have already warned the wife that the big tv will be tuned to some amazing drag racing action this weekend.

Who is going to be there? I’m glad you asked...

In Big Tire, there are some big players making the trip to Texas:
Birdman racing will be on the property with their semi-primered car (it was just in an accident while it was in the stacker trailer).


Seed of Chucky will be there with his new car. If you follow Street Outlaws, he’s the guy in the Mustang that wrecked The Crow.

The Mistress will be in attendance.


Kye Kelly will be there trying to see who can out 60-foot him. The Shocker has been getting beat pretty consistently this summer as he has been changing motors. He’s now running a Pat Musi big block with “a whole heap of nitrous.”

Plan B from Henson Racing Engines will be there with the podcast-famous Justin Racecar McDoogle.


The 55 will be there. This is the only car that I know of that can hang with Birdman Racing consistently. I know Daddy Dave outran Birdman at AO, but Birdman’s pass was mostly in first gear (oops) and Dave toasted his engine on the top end.


The same racing team fields the Helleanor Mustang.

The Taggarts will be bringing out a personal favorite of mine, the Swamp Thing Longtop. How cool is this car?!


John Doe will be there. I believe he has the twin turbo motor back in the car now.


Other big tire names include Darryl Bird with his Probe, Mike Murillo, Kayla Morton (Boosted’s girlfriend and an excellent racer), and David Bird Jones.

In small tire, there are also some impressive machines.

Boosted GT is a fan favorite from Street Outlaws.


Boosted Ego is coming off of a couple of nice wins lately, recently winning Outlaw Armageddon.

Pro Mod class

Steve Wiley will be making the intra-state journey with his Texas Grim Reaper that won Outlaw Armageddon.


Stinky Pinky with Disco Dean driving.


Gaylen Smith made the finals at Outlaw Armageddon, and he will be bringing his pro mod the Bounty Hunter. That same car also won the race your way in class for $10k at OA.

My bet will be on Birdman for Big Tire, TX Grim Reaper for Pro Mod, with the pro mod taking out Birdman in their last race. The small tire is anyone’s game, but the two cars that I’ve mentioned are my favorites. What are your thoughts? Do you guys think no prep is great for drag racing? Dangerous and stupid? Much like the reality shows, I think it has done a lot to gain exposure for the sport and to get younger fans in seats.