The St Jimmy is the spark in the night.

Restoring age-faded and yellowed plastic headlights with toothpaste, as per MCM’s bible of none of the above, actually works. It’s not amazing. There’s still some oxidation I couldn’t quite get out, so I didn’t do the second one. I’ll wait till I can pick up a more abrasive scotchbrite pad. I also won’t count this in prices. I used likely a week’s worth of toothpaste, but was washing dishes when I had the idea, and I just grabbed the container I was washing, the scrubby sponge I was washing it with, and the j-cloth I was also using, grabbed my toothpaste from upstairs and went outside. About 20 minutes of tiny circles resulted in the above. Not perfect but much better than the other side.

Bearing gifts and trust

I took St Jimmy on a pretty epic road trip. I had a three-day weekend and decided to take St Jimmy and drive 17 hours home to visit people who had also moved away (the opposite direction) and were back visiting, then turn around and head back. I left straight from work after a nine-hour shift, getting in at 10am the next morning. By the time I went to bed that night I’d been awake forty hours straight. Life gets interesting.


The day before leaving I replaced the blower motor, resistor pack, and recharged the a/c. This was entirely for my own comfort on the trip. The blower motor had chewed through its bearings, sounding and vibrating like a freight train was blowing by inside my dash, often accompanied screaming as though the freight train had left its tracks and was mowing people down. It however would only do this on speeds two and three, hence the resistor pack, which returned speed 1. Speed 4 didn’t return until replacing the HVAC fuse under the hood, likely popped by the old motor overdrawing.

The exposed blower motor. Except somehow I have the MJ’s motor, not the Jimmy’s. Weird. Like, I took a picture of St Jimmy’s for this spot, but the only picture of a blower motor I have from that day is the MJ’s. And I didn’t notice until reviewing this post for publishing.

The factory procedure for replacing the blower motor and resistor pack involves cutting a rubber shroud out of the way to get at them. GM is adamant you glue the pieces back in with weather stripping adhesive (not RTV!) because the repair will be visible to the customer. Knowing the MJ’s blower motor is completely exposed, I didn’t bother gluing the bits of rubber back in. Doesn’t seem to be an issue. Educate me Oppo. What’s going to asplode?


The fixture in the city of rust

Er, lust. Before I left, actually a long-ass time ago, I had the brake warning light come on while I was driving. I got home and sure enough the reservoir was empty. This was odd, cause it had been full when I first brought St Jimmy home. And there was exactly zero change in braking performance or pedal feel, despite this:

If this is what your brake fluid leak looks like, you should probably do something about it.


Realistically I wasn’t super concerned with brake performance. They still worked OK (they hadn’t been great) and when I picked up the new lines it was mostly cause I was sick of topping up the brake reservoir. Then I discovered that the ABS needs pressure in the rear line to be effective. Pretty much as soon as the pump started going we lost all brakes. This happened while stopping at a couple pull-outs with grit on them. I had the lines for a while, but really only was inspired to replace them after having displaced a K-rail by about eight inches coming into a spot at moderate speed in the gravel lot at work and triggering the abs.

The new line didn’t get routed identically to the factory one, but it’s close and doesn’t leak, which is more important.

What the Hell’s

Your name

What’s your pleasure and what is your pain?

Do you dream? Too much.

Do you think what you need is a crutch?

Is St Jimmy a crutch? I’m not sure. I don’t think so. It’s definitely a distraction from the MJ’s issues that I’ve been ignoring, and the Niva’s issues which I’ve been avoiding.


I also changed the oil again last week. For the second time in seven weeks. Excessive? I dunno. I did drive this $250 POS 3000 miles in that interval...