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There's a halfway decent chance I might probably perhaps maybe potentially hypothetically could be moving to DC (or thereabouts)

As you’ve perhaps noticed in my posts here, I sometimes mention that while I live in Madison, WI, I grew up in the DC suburbs. Well, I’ve been sitting on this news for fear of jinxing it, but I’ve been interviewing for jobs in and around DC so I can move back.

My wife is from Wisconsin, but she’s lived all over the country. She moved back here to be closer to family, and we met shortly after she did, but she’s made it pretty clear she doesn’t want to stay in Wisconsin forever. Similarly, I came here for college and stuck around because of various circumstances, but also was not attached to living here forever.

Last fall we sorta kinda maybe looked at houses here in Madison but nothing was really exciting us about that prospect. In January, we ended up deciding now would be a good time to try to move to the DC area. So I started networking and applying for jobs.


I’ve had a bunch of phone interviews with various places, but there’s a solid prospect where so far I’ve had 2 phone interviews and a video interview and they’re working on scheduling me to go out there sometime next week to meet a bunch of people. Not to count my chickens before they’ve hatched, but I have a good feeling about this one.

The fun part here is we’re trying to, on short notice, move halfway across the country and buy a house. Luckily, we can swing it financially, our lease in Madison ends April 30th, and in the short term we can stay with my parents so I can start my new job while we wait to close on the house.


My dad actually offered this to me unprompted. I was like, “uh, you sure you want 3 cats all up in your house?” He responded, “your mom loves cats!” That was probably his way of saying he’d like to have us around, without actually saying it.

Hopefully with DC area real estate costs being what they are, we find a place in our budget that has somewhere to park a couple cars.


More to come in the next couple weeks!

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