There's a mostly very good 29k mile 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo on BaT

I don’t like silver cars, but I do like 944 Turbos and Fuchs wheels. This one is a first-year 1986 model with no airbags, and the somewhat-rare factory LSD, and an interesting burgundy interior. I think I’d put up with silver, maybe.

The 944 Turbo is one of my two favorite cars I would buy if I wanted to have a project car, the other being the Mazda FD RX-7. Lately I’ve been leaning more toward the 944 side of the equation. There’s a little more room inside, and I like the almost-targa removable sunroof.


Stock, the 1988 Turbo S and 1989 Turbo (which was upgraded to Turbo S specs) are the best 944 Turbo versions, with things like bigger brakes, stiffer suspension, and an upgraded turbo and other engine bits for a 30 hp bump from 217 to 247 hp. The door panels in the 1988-up cars also have fancier speakers instead of the wimpy little 4x6 ones in the earlier cars. But the earlier models still have that inherent 944 Turbo goodness, and this one has the tasty Fuchs wheels and LSD.

Some more pics!


This is the build sticker, and the option codes are:

  • 158 – Cassette Radio, Blaupunk Monterey
  • 220 – Locking Differential, 40%
  • 321 – 363mm H-Spoke Steering Wheel
  • 485 – Wheels Painted White-Gold Metallic
  • 533 – Alarm
  • 650 – Detachable Electrically Actuated Sunroof
  • 983 – Leather Seats
  • Engine Code 51 – Type M44/51
  • Trans Code 5R – 016R
  • Paint No. LY7Y – Zermatt Silver
  • Interior YZ – Burgundy

The one (semi-big) wart on the whole deal is this stupid giant rear turbo badged fill-in panel between the taillights. Back in the 80s people would put on these kits that moved the rear license plate from between the taillights, down to the rear bumper, and added a reflector between the tail lamps.


Even without the frankly ridiculous large badge, I’m not a fan of this look. It also has to be undone if you want to go to a low-profile rear bumper to clean up the rear of the car, like this.


I suppose I’ll just keep my eyes peeled for some other 944 Turbo to not buy since I’m not in the market for one anyway.

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