Ever hear one of those analogies, where you start with a jar full of golf balls or something and the question is, “Is the jar full?” Of course the inclination is to say yes. Then some marbles are added to the jar. Same question, but you can see where it’s going now. Then you add sand... and so on. There’s always room for more, it’s a matter of perspective.

Yesterday my wife and I were feeling like two full time jobs, two preschoolers, dog, house, and various vehicles was just leaving us with too many free minutes between loads of laundry on weeknights. So we got one of these:

It’s a 10 week old golden doodle named Hadley. Welcome to the family! She and I slept on the couch last night, it wasn’t terrible.

Happy Labor Day! I won’t be responding quickly because I’ll be chasing one of the critters no doubt.


Our current dog is not yet impressed with our new AnkleBiter3000. She’ll come around.