There's Always Two

IDK about you guys but since i was knee high on a June bug I’ve been told “theres always two” when it comes to deer crossing the road.

The thought there is if you see one cross ahead of you slow down and expect another to follow. Awhile ago I we were driving some where and I was explaining this to my kid, and my wife says “well not always”. and told me thats just a silly saying, not a reality.


I disagree.

Well this morning a deer crossed in front of me. it wandered over to the left side of the road as I got closer. I slowed down. As I got real close the first deer was basically in the ditch on the far side of the road. Thankfully I wasn’t looking at it, I was watching my ditch for number 2. Then out pops number two. It darts over to the other one and I had to slam on my brakes.


here’s a slammed Dodge for you time. hah Dodge

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