I’m still getting the lay of the land around here, but this is definitely my most surprising discovery thus far.

What’s especially surprising is this car, which has clearly been here for a while, is just sitting at the front edge of a vacant lot separated from a relatively busy street by a simple chain link fence, yet it looks basically undisturbed. And while the exterior is a little worse for wear, and who knows what’s going on with that 6.75 liter turbo V8 (or the rear suspension - bodies in the trunk?), the interior is in remarkable shape with all glass intact. If I was younger I would have long since busted in and turned it into a sweet fort.

No idea who owns it, but even in its current state there’s gotta be $20K sitting here wasting away while people walking past give me funny looks for taking pictures of yet another abandoned car. If only they knew... but maybe it’s better they don’t.