Apparently, a customer wasn’t too happy I was on the phone while I was smogging her car, so now she’ll never come back here.

She went to the shop next door to me and complained to them. She said she was pissed that I wouldn’t get off the phone and work on her car. Except, I was working on her car the entire time I was on the phone. I was doing something called multitasking.

What gets me, though, is I only took ten minutes to do her car. My average is fifteen minutes, and right before I had done her car I had done something like eight cars in less than two hours, and everyone had shown up at 1:30.

When the guy next door told me she complained I literally laughed out loud. I guess she figured I’d be upset or lose sleep over the fact that she won’t be coming back. But I’m glad she won’t. I do not want to deal with people like that.

As an adult that tries to actually have a work ethic and do the right thing, I know that it can come across as rude if I’m on the phone while working on someone else’s car. But I’m also sick and tired of customers doing something similar. They constantly come in on their phone and refuse to get off, but I don’t want to be rude so I don’t interrupt them and ask them to write down their information and sign the work order. There’s not a huge difference from what I did compared to that, but the key difference is I was actually working on their car at the same time. But I think it’s ridiculous that she was so absorbed in herself that she failed to notice how long I actually took on her car.


And speaking of being an adult and having a work ethic, I’ve tried to actually go slower when doing smogs. My boss never rushes when there are ten people lined up. And as much as I hate this place, and don’t give a shit about the shop’s reputation, I can’t bring myself to actually work slower. Yesterday, and this morning, during a rush, I was sweating my ass off to get cars done and make sure people wait as little as possible.