I think I decided that I’m throwing my hat in the Gary Johnson ring. If you’re a fan of cars, I think he’s the right candidate. Here’s why:

  • More money would end up in my paycheck. That means more parts on my car. Like a Borla exhaust.

  • He’s for legalizing drugs. I don’t do drugs and hopefully never will. If you want to, go for it. It’s your life. Donk owners rejoice.

  • He feels strongly about education reform and fixing this student loan fiasco. Which means students could afford new cars, which means the average buyer age of new car sales would go down, which would mean we’d get more of these.

  • He’s against ethanol subsidies. So are classic cars and the rubber seals in your car.

  • If there was one candidate to eliminate the 25-year rule, it’s this guy.