There's something about this...

There’s something about this that I really like.

I am trying to imagine what a modern-day take on it would look like. I imagine it’d be electric, with two LED headlights - one larger (on the passenger side) and one smaller (on the driver’s side). Widen the stance a bit. Some shiny metal bits in the grill, maybe with a hexagonal pattern. Maybe a brighter finish to the metal, but equally as beat up and still riveted. It’d need to be hand-formed. Maybe use the same tire size as the BMW i3 (it has tall, skinny tires), but keep the spoke rims. Ensure that a bunch of the orange high-voltage cabling is exposed through holes and vents in the hood. Place the inverter or high-power circuitry just behind the headlight, and mount an electronically controlled fan just behind that. Maybe some dark red quilted leather for the seats. Digital dashboard, but surrounded in the same sort of hand-formed and riveted aluminum surrounding it. For the rear, I imagine some sort of LED taillight treatment with an aluminum diffuser.

Despite my terrible art skills, I should try drawing what I imagine.


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