A friend of our family has two cars: A Cayenne and a Vento.

He once told me “I don’t like the Cayenn, so pretentious” said the man that organizes golf tournaments, in a dash of irony. So he dailies a VW Vento and loves it. He says he doesn’t need such a big car in Mexico City and uses the SUV on the highway.

Now, I wouldn’t own a Cayenne primarily because those SUVs are expensive, I’ve never driven or ridden in one, so I don’t know how hard or easy to drive it is. I do know that SUVs are cumbersome but comfortable which is for the most part really enjoyable, specially in Mexico City where manual cars are a pain in the ass due to all the hills and the stop/go traffic.


But every time I use the small Yaris I start to get a sense of what this man is saying, in an SUV abusing is easy, and you’re respected, in such a small car you’re alone. It is liberating in a sense. You fit everywhere, gas consumption is a joke, no one looks at you, and you’re closer to the ground, I am still amazed I look up at Chargers or CX-3 from the Yaris’ seat. While yes, it does have a good amount of drawbacks like, having a clutch as communicative as a teenager, being surrounded by idiot drivers that ride your bumper all the time.. But I think the good outweighs the bad.

I’m not sure I’d buy a Yaris, it isn’t a very safe car to be honest, but an Ibiza? certainly. Maybe even a Mini.